The Abominable Mr Tinkler has released works in various formats from such inimitable labels as Bad Sekta, Love Love Records and Front & Follow

The Abominable Mr Tinkler: "1st Cut EP" (2019)

Format: Digital download
Releases: February 2019
Length: 08:28

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“1st Cut” is the Tinkler alternative soundtrack to “Un Chien Andalou“, the classic experimental film made in 1929 by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali.

Using a similar approach to the soundtrack as used in the filmmaking, and containing some elements of the original score but completely re-imagined, “1st Cut” altered the mood of the original film just through the use of sound design. This EP brings together three extended versions of tracks from the film.

Track list:

Blackrot Chienstep (3:26)
Bourbon Original Beats (02:21)
The Procession (02:3

F-lithium: "Wolves" (2018)

Format: Digital download
Releases: December 2018
Length: 42:15

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The 5th release from The Abominable Mr Tinkler's F-lithium project, "Wolves" is a blend of spacious dark ambience, field recordings and found sounds albeit with a more metallic bent than previous albums.

Somewhat apocalyptic in nature, "Wolves" explores further the darkness from where the F-lithium album, "Until The Dawn" came, visualising a world inhabited by ghosts and distant memories.

Track list:

Reclamation (5:00)
Ouroboros (16:18)
The Beach (16:18)
Fangs (4:39)
F-lithium: "Until The Dawn" (2018)

Format: Digital download
Released: November 2018
Length: 55:57

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Dark ambience and drones combine with field recordings and noise in this long form exploration of the human condition. Music for study, meditation, and soundtracking your creeping existential dread.

Track list:
“Until The Dawn” (55:57)

F-lithium: ""...This Place Could Be My Undoing"" (Bad Sekta, 2018)

Format: Digital download; CD
Cat #: BADltd009
Released: September 2018
Length: 35:29

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A darkly uneasy combination of eerie synthesised ambience – with just a touch of industrial noise and guitar-originated drones. “…This Place Could Be My Undoing” features a guest appearance by Mick Newman on guitar and is a much less beat-orientated affair than previous releases from F-lithium; could this be the answer to all of your problems?

The first new release on Bad Sekta since 2017, “…This Place Could Be My Undoing” (mysteriously unleashed to the multiverse in cooperation with noted sonic philanthropist The Abominable Mr Tinkler) comprises of a single, long-form piece and is available in both digital and limited edition CD formats.

Track list:
“…This Place Could Be My Undoing” (35:29)

F-lithium---Grands-ClassiquF-lithium: "2001 Grands Classiques" (Bad Sekta, 2014)

Format: Digital download
Cat #: BADMPFree033
Released: December 2014
Length: 40:57

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"2001 Grands Classiques" has now resurfaced after being lost for well over a decade; thought to have been made during a period spent researching the effects of imbibing peculiar chemicals and sleep deprivation.

Classical string quartets collide with bubbling analogue synthesizers whilst wild winds blow and stuttering distorted percussive sounds crash and appear to tear through the space-time continuum..."

"Deux Mille Un Grands Classiques" was released by Bad Sekta on Christmas day 2014 after the preview single, "You Will Be Alone Always and Then You Will Die".

Track list:
You Will Be Alone Always and Then You Will Die (5:26)
Chapter in the Desert (8:24)
The Great Red Shark (6:21)
The Nightmare Room (6:23)
A Road to Survival & Extinction (7:56)
I Know You Are Dead and I Think I Am Too (5:44)
Contraindicated coverThe Abominable Mr Tinkler: "Contraindicated" (Love Love Records, 2011)

Format: CDR; Digital download; CD
Cat #:LOVMP315
Re-released: September 2011
Length: 15:43

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The original hand packaged D.I.Y. four track limited edition CDr EP that started it all and smelled of spray paint. Remastered and re-released with bonus tracks through Love Love Records.

An act of caffeine-induced, multiple sound degradation and sonic obliteration coupled with frantically spasmodic beats...or something. Like John Oswald having an ass-bad day, or Basement Jaxx with a case of the jitters, it's the sound of a frenetic rampage...or a badly tuned French radio station...or simply the result of too much damn fine coffee.

Track list:
Scratch Intro (0:11)
Kerazy Chamber Tumble: Monizm Palsy Relapse (2:39)
Panic Button (3:04)
Could Have Caught; Lame and Impotent Conclusion (2:46)
Notrack (0:45) (*bonus track)
Heres’y (6:16) (*bonus track)
The Duff EP coverThe Abominable Mr Tinkler: "The Duff EP" (Love Love Records, 2011)

Format: Digital download; CD
Cat #:LOVMP305r
Re-released: September 2011
Length: 12:31

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The original EP, remastered and re-released. A scattered neo-jazz noise-grind extravaganza with elements of IDM, noise and ambience,"The Duff Ep" is a collection of remixes, original tracks and live cuts.

"... [The] Duff EP is 12 minutes of sonic doss, and I recommend it for all ages. I'm still in the process of dissecting it, trying to decipher sample origins. And trying to work out exactly who the fuck Hilary Duff is without Googling her ..." - William Sarginson, Offering, on ICRFM Radio

Track list:
Duff Beat My Heart (2:35)
Damage Limitation (2:14)
Ragga (2:27)
NY Jazz Snob (0:52)
sPt2en (1:55)
This Is Not The End (2:25)
ether200F-Lithium: "Ether Way You Lose" (Bad Sekta, 2011)

Format: Digital download
Cat #: BADMPFree018
Released: March 2011
Length: 30:55

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Marking the first official release of F-Lithium, Mr Tinkler's alter-ego. This is an altogether darker and more atmospheric affair. Curtains of noise and ambient sound-scapes give way to throbbing beats, liquid vinyl, ruined string sections and cut-up jazz breaks.

"Ether Way You Lose" was released on Bad Sekta, after the track "Ampules in a Paper Box" featured on their "5 Years" compilation.

Track list:
Re-entry (4:17)
Acerbic Reflux (4:40)
Ampules in a Paper Box (3:28)
Void (0:32)
The Gate (4:34)
Red Room (6:15)
Acid Wash (7:03)
ether200The Abominable Mr Tinkler: "Version 8" (Front And Follow, 2010)

Format: Digital download; CD
Cat #: F&F006
Released: July 2010
Length: 10:36

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Taken from the V/A box set release, Long Division with Remainders - "14 Versions of the Same EP". LDWR's four track EP, sampled, mashed-up, remixed and re-imagined into something far removed from the source material. 14 artists, each asked to develop their own take on a collection of "electronic fumblings", released as separate EPs and a 4xCD box set.

"The tracks form a kind of shifting sonic mosaic made up of interweaving elements from electronica, electroacoustic, Noise and sound art ... It's like listening to the evolutionary development of four artificial lifeforms" - The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Track list:
V8#I (3:42)
V8#II (1:39)
V8#III (2:59)
V8#IV (2:14)

Discography - Remixes & Compilations

Mr Tinkler has also been involved in a number of compilation releases, providing tracks, remixes and performing sound editing and mastering duties for labels such as Bad Sekta, Love Love Records, Front & Follow, El Perro Rojo, Digital Vomit and more.

LOVCD00V/A: “LovCD00: Various Artists” (Love Love Records, 2014)

A double CD compilation brimming with a wonderfully eclectic selection of forward thinking music from Love Love Records’ favourites. 36 artists, 36 diverse solid nuggets of aural pleasure. Features the likes of Anklepants, Duran Duran, Duran, Goodiepal and The Abominable Mr Tinkler.

Format: Digital download; CD
Features: Bourbon Original Beats (2:17)

LOV presents 1 300x300V/A: “Love Love Presents #1” (Love Love Records, 2012)

A genre hopping, maelstrom dot rar of mad tunes from Love Love Records, this 26 track compilation is packed with dance floor bangers, chin-stroking glitches and an eclectic multitude of serious and silly electronic music featuring exclusive tracks from prolific artists such as The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Shitmat, Missqulater and Twocsinak.

Format: Digital download
Features: The Ol’ Silent Treatment (0:29)

heavy-mental-sqV/A: Fast Lady: “Heavy Mental” (El Perro Rojo, 2012)

The long awaited LAST recorded output from Fast Lady with a marauding company of Cocktronic talent, tracks selected the Fast Lady back catalogue remade, reworked and remixed by their influences, friends and heroes. Includes works from The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Shitmat, Cock Esp, The Nearly and more. Mastered by The Abominable Mr Tinkler.

Format: Digital download; CD
Features: Guns, Women & Bikes [TAMT Remix] (2:50)

cavitychurchV/A: “The Cavity Church” (Bad Sekta, 2012)

Celebrating seven years of Bad Sekta, this release brings an excellent selection of bass, breaks, drones & general wonkiness to the table, from the likes of The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Phuq, weyheyhey!! and Lastboss.

Format: Digital download
Features: The Abominable Mr Tinkler vs Kevin Pearce: Freezin’ [Remix] (2:55)

againstalloddV/A: “Against All Odd” (Bad Sekta, 2011)

A compilation from the Bad Sekta label featuring material from The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Ronin, Ascetic, Phuq, Hue Jah Fink? and more.

Format: Digital download
Features: Orthodox Quandary (2:34)

1 sec chipCementimental Presents: “1 Second Chipnoise Comp Which Took Way Too Long” (N/A, 2011)

A compilation featuring one-second works from 258 8-bit/chiptune/noise artists such as The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Pixel_play?, Gymnastic Decomposition,Ui,Rush Coil and more knitted together to make a whole.

Format: Digital download
Features: Righteous Block (0.01)

5-Years200V/A: “5 Years” (Bad Sekta, 2010)

A mini-compilation celebrating 5 years of the Bad Sekta label. Blistering squatcore, bassy ravespace, beautiful glitches & wonky lushness; featuring exclusive new & archive material from The Abominable Mr Tinkler Presents: F-lithium, Ascetic, Coco Lantano, Lastboss, Phuq, Praetorius & weyheyhey !!

Format: Digital download
Features: Ampules in a Paper Box (3:28)

LDWR box150Long Division with Remainders: “14 Versions of the Same EP” (Front & Follow, 2010)

The original LDWR recordings remixed by 14 other artists. LDWR’s first collection features 52 tracks of music across 4 CDs, with EPs from The Abominable Mr Tinkler and others across the US, Europe and Australia including Leyland Kirby, Isnaj Dui, BLK w/BEAR and Sone Institute.

Format: Digital download; CD
Features: V8#I (3:42); V8#II (1:39); V8#III (2:59); V8#IV (2:14)

love dictatorV/A: Fast Lady Vs Scorpio Scorpio Love Dictator: “The Remixes” (Digital Vomit, 2010)

To mark the re-release of the 2007 V/Vm Test Records double A-side single ‘Love Dictator/United In Rock’ by Fast Lady and Scorpio Scorpio, Digital Vomit released an accompanying multi-format EP of remixes featuring pure, uncut slices of stadium-electrock heaven.

Format: Digital download; Cassette
Features: Love Dictator [TAMT RMX] (2:49)

V/A: “Love-Core Compilation Vol 1” (Love Love Records, 2008)

Love Love Record’s first compilation features 18 tracks of dirty breaks and electronic wonderment from The Abominable Mr Tinkler, as well as the likes of Eraserhead, Vexkiddy, The Fez!, Judith Priest and more.

Format: Digital download
Features: Spasmodic Jerk (2:29)