“Have a Good Trip!” (Inferno Mortal, 2015)

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Have a Good Trip!” is a psychedelic sci-fi short revolving around a fucked up hero’s journey, fuelled by psychedelics and hallucinogen software.

Filmed originally as a silent piece; sound design and a score were constructed from the ground up by The Abominable Mr Tinkler, giving “Have a Good Trip” an otherworldly and altogether dream-like quality. Features additional foley by director Luis Solarat.

Feature running time: 09:31

1st cut

The Abominable Mr Tinkler Presents: “1st Cut/Un Chien Andalou” (Love Love Records/ Bad Sekta, 2011)

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1st Cut” is the alternative soundtrack to “Un Chien Andalou“, the classic experimental film made in 1929 by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali.

Using a similar approach to the soundtrack as was used in the filmmaking, and containing some elements of the original score but completely re-imagined, “1st Cut” attempts to alter the mood of the original film just through the use of sound design.

Feature running time: 16:41